By Rachael S.  Lead Designer, New Construction

One of the biggest questions we get from homeowners and builders who are on a budget are which rooms they should stage.  It is important to choose wisely to ensure your home puts its best foot forward and that your staging dollars make the greatest overall impact to a potential home buyer.  While each home is unique here is a general guideline to follow.

Stage All Rooms You Can See From The Entry Way

You only get one chance at a first impression.  When a home buyer walks through the door you want to give them the wow factor.  If you can see your dining room, living room and kitchen from the front door stage all of those spaces to create one cohesive look and feel.

Don’t Forget the Master Bedroom

90% of the homes we stage include the master bedroom and bathroom.  You want to give a potential home owner a visual of the beauty that could be their master retreat if they buy your home.

Create an Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor spaces add value to any home so if you have a space that’s worthy of showcasing, be sure to add furniture for an even greater impact.


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