Staging Unique Spaces

After a seller has decided to take the step to stage their listing, the next part is deciding which rooms to stage and which rooms to leave. That’s where we come in! It’s important to look at each space from a buyer’s perspective.

What should I do with this downstairs mini master bedroom tucked behind the kitchen? 

What about a sunken living room off the foyer?

More times than not, these unique spaces add to the homes overall character and appeal and are the spaces you will want to include in your home staging plan. By furnishing with pieces that are scaled properly with the rooms overall dimensions, buyers will more clearly see function, flow, and living potential.

For example; a recent project gave us the opportunity to stage a small downstairs master bedroom that the owner wanted to highlight. Rather than filling the room with a lot of “small stuff”, we decided to incorporate pieces that were full size and that allowed two people to sleep, navigate, and utilize the space comfortably. By doing so, we took this shoebox sized space and turned it into a fully functional suite!

The same applies for spaces that have a nontraditional footprint. For example; a sunken formal living room that needed to remain open for foot traffic, but also serve as a cozy space for guests to gather and relax. By creating an evident path from the front door, continued through the sunken living room, we highlighted the flow and function of this not so traditional space.