Top 6 Reasons to Stage Your Home

Looking to Sell Your Home and Fast? Staging is a Must!

Top 6 Reasons to Stage Your Home

1. Sell Your Home as Quickly as Possible

Our staged homes have unparalleled results. With 90% of our homes selling in the first 30 days and often times to the first buyer and the highest bidder, staging with our team is a worthy and affordable investment that will set your home apart and reduce market time. Read more about a home that was on the market for one year that sold in 17 days after being staged.


Staged Model Home – Staged Living Room

Staged Model Home – Staged Living Room


Staged Living Room :: Source:

Staged Living Room

2. Staging Allows Buyers to Mentally Move in

When a house is staged, it becomes a home to all potential buyers. Our space planning allows buyers to imagine the life they would live there and generates ideas in their mind of how it would feel once they moved in. Conveniently, staging answers all buyers’ questions on how a space “lives.” After being on the market for one year and seven months, these sellers realized that their empty, expansive floor plan was difficult for buyers to visualize so they called us. After staging their home, it sold in 19 days! Read more about their story here.


Staged Foyer :: Source:

Staged Foyer


Staged Model Home – Staged Wet Bar and Dining Room

Staged Model Home – Staged Wet Bar and Dining Room

3. Stage Your home Instead of Reducing the Listing Price

Builders and sellers can’t afford to not stage their homes because staging increases the home’s perceived value. Staged homes sell for about 6% more on average – if your goal is to sell your home at the best price, your house needs to look its best. We can tap into your home’s greatest potential. Just give us a call, and let us work our magic.


Staged Model Home – Staged Living Room

Staged Model Home – Staged Living Room


Staged Kitchen :: Source:

Staged Kitchen


Staged Bedroom :: Source:

Staged Bedroom

4. Achieve the Wow Factor that Makes Your Home Unforgettable

Staging is one of the most powerful tools available to new home builders, realtors and sellers, leaving a lasting impression on a homebuyer’s mind. With quality service, space planning and furniture, a staged house can exude the feeling of home that will be both welcoming and unforgettable. We are here to take buyers’ breaths away, converting your staged home into a sold home.


Staged Bookshelf – Home Accessories Staging

Staged Bookshelf – Home Accessories Staging


Staged Living Room :: Source:

Staged Living Room

5. Highlight Your Home’s Incredible Features

Occupied or vacant, your house deserves the expertise of our design team to showcase your home’s amazing features. If your home is occupied, you may have gorgeous built-ins that are covered by gaming equipment and dvds. A designer can take those built-ins to the next level and emphasize the beauty of the built-ins by de-cluttering and refreshing the space with softly colored and neutral accessories. If your home is vacant, staging with one of our designers, we will entice buyers with strategically placed furniture, rugs, floor mirrors and more to highlight your home’s best qualities.


Staged Built ins :: Source:

Staged Built ins



Staged Living Room – Staged Coffee Table :: Source:

Staged Living Room – Staged Coffee Table

Which brings us to the next point:

6. Disguise the Flaws of the Home

When a home is professionally staged, the flow of the furniture and accessories draw the buyers’ eyes away from distasteful elements and reinvents the home’s flaws into charming features. What may have been too tight, too low or uneven is converted into a beautiful space.


Staged Dining Room – Model Home Staging

Staged Dining Room – Home Staging


Staged Bathroom :: Source:

Staged Bathroom

If you’re serious about selling your home, staging is a must! Staging means your home will sell faster, gain more perceived value, “wow” the maximum amount of buyers, highlight the amazing features of your home and hide the flaws. After all, a staged home is a sold home. Give us a call to start the home staging conversation with one of our designers 910-399-4017.


Staged Bedroom – Home Accessories Bedroom Staging

Staged Bedroom