Custom Home Staging & Design
Serving the Wilmington North Carolina Area

& Organizing

When potential buyers enter your home, we want them to see the home, how it lives and how it’s the perfect space for them. For the everyday clutter that may distract or get in the way, we will walk your home, take notes and guide you in decluttering your home.

Rearranging the
Seller’s Furniture

Your occupied home may simply need furniture placed in the optimal locations to open up each room or provide definition to open spaces. Whatever your floor plan is, one of our designers will draw out and take notes on how the space is best lived with your selection of furniture.

Furniture & Accessories

This service is perfect for vacant homes or partially furnished homes. With our extensive collection of new furniture, we will decorate your space to capture the maximum amount of potential buyers whether your home is a resale or a newly constructed home.


With this area’s growing construction, we are offering furniture for apartment, condominium and townhome living as well as retirement living. Our team of designers will work with you to deliver the look and functionality that you’re after.

Furniture Rentals for
Weddings & Event

With the local event and wedding industry’s recent growth, we are providing event planners, wedding planners and brides with the finest furniture. Whether you are looking to create a lounge area or bridal suite, we have a stunning assortment for you and your guests’ discerning eye.

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The Staging Process